Monday, March 14, 2016

Blame It On Fixer Upper's, Joanna Gaines.

I was perfectly fine in my own little corner of the world with my dark, cherry wood coffee table and end tables that I have had for several years.  My chestnut wood lamps and my burgundy color rug and curtains. The pillows with dashes of gold and wine fabric that provided comfort for a sleepy head. The scarlet color candles that sat proudly in my slightly, aged candleholders, the gilded tones painted walls. The pictures that hung showcasing my home colors of gold with variations of red throughout. Yes, I was completely satisfied with my home. But then one day HGTV showed a marathon on a show called, "Fixer Upper." I sat on my couch fully immersed with the young couple that took old homes and converted them to dream homes fully furnished and decorated.  However, it wasn't so much the transformation of the home as it was the way Joanna Gaines decorated the house. The cool tones, the antiques, the signs, painted kitchen cabinets, open shelving, oh my, I'm hooked. So there it began my quest to redecorate my home. Gone are my heavy tables, which my husband has an injury to show for it. Gone are the dark lamps, the curtains, the rug, the candles. There it is an empty room. "Oh my goodness this is gonna cost a fortune," my husband states. Gradually, things appeared as I would spend my weekends shopping for just the perfect picture, mirror, antiques and tables. Linen, beige curtains hang proudly where the once dark burgundy and gold curtains hung. Taupe candleholders with cream candles now shown brightly. A whitewashed coffee table now gladly sits in its noble position. White and cream throws are placed meticulously on the arms of the recliner and loveseat. Yes, I have been converted. My living room, the dining room are so much brighter and I love it. Who knew that a little show could convert me from dark tone woods to a light tone girl. So thank you, Joanna Gaines. In this world overrunning with sadness, evil and darkness, we all could use a little brightness in it.

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