Friday, November 7, 2014


          With Halloween over and Thanksgiving within a few weeks, I thought about the fact that  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all arrive within a month of each other. It's as if you get the decorations for one holiday up, and it is time to remove them for another.
          So I wondered of the three holidays, which one do you like best? Do you decorate for each holiday or just one or two?
          I decorate in September for fall, which I include as Thanksgiving. Then I turn the house into a  showcase for Christmas.  Since my son is older, I have packed up the Winnie The Pooh and Tigger pumpkin lights, along with other Halloween favorites for good.
          I suppose my favorite holiday is Christmas, but I have to admit I love the colors associated with Thanksgiving and its usually stress free day for me and my family. So I guess I favor both holidays, being thankful and celebrating the Lord's birthday what could be better.