Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Has Two Holidays

Beside the all important holiday of Labor Day, the month of September has another holiday that will surprise you. Yes, September 14th is Hug Your Hound Day. I was asked by the very talented and bestselling author, Jayna Morrow, to give my interpretation of this holiday. Truthfully, I had no idea the holiday even existed, but I should have. Dogs have become more than just animals we walk or pet when we go out the door. They have become members of our families, children to some people, even accessories to some celebrities. The holiday has become more popular, even getting it's own Facebook page. Hug your hound day is about loving and getting involved in your dog's surroundings, for example volunteering at the local dog park. Speaking for myself, it means to show love to your dog, a special treat, a nice walk, and most importantly hugging man's best friend. If you think about it, dogs aren't much different than their owners. We all need a hug every once in a while.

Jayna Morrow is the author of the Sweet Home Series: Garrett, Gabriel and Holden. All available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.