Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Does Anyone Still Go Trick or Treating?

As I was out shopping the other day, I noticed the appearance of costumes, pumpkins, and fall decor. The all important halloween candy placed proudly in front, staring at me, actually tempting me to place it in the shopping cart. Costumes were hung nearby with pumpkin totes ready to assume their duty and hold the all the gatherings for the night. But, I have noticed a huge decline in the number of kids that actually go door to door, a.k.a. trick or treating. Last year, I had not one little goblin, star trooper, or little pumpkin show up. Of course, I realize the danger now facing kids going from house to house. The possibility of someone harming your child is very real and that is sad. The fun I had growing up can never be replicated. The excitement of spending a couple of hours walking the adjoining neighborhood for candy is no more. The task of making sure you were back in time to watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is not important to kids now. If I missed it, I knew it would be an entire year again before I could see it again. With DVDs and DVR, kids have at their fingertips anytime, shows we cried if we missed. I have to admit I still watch Charlie Brown every time it is televised. The holidays are just not the same without it.


  1. I went shopping yesterday, and I bought Christmas stuff. I'm trying to decide on an angel to buy. I want to keep my angel out all year. I posted a picture on my blog. Which angel do you like? I also posted a picture of Santa. I should have been buying pumpkins. http://gaynlewis.blogspot.com/

  2. Gay, I know what you mean by the Christmas things being displayed already. It makes you want to skip the other holidays. As for the angels, I also like the middle angel that was posted. Many blessings and have a wonderful day.