Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Review for September: Sarah: Laney's Angel

Sarah: Laney's Angel  (No. 2 in series)

Author: Gay N Lewis

Publisher: Prism Book Group

Sara, a slightly clumsy angel who has a reputation for blunders receives a new assignment from heaven.  Her mission, help along a romance for the beautiful Laney Taylor.

When the directionally impaired angel travels to the wrong city, her assignment at the time is being rescued from an intruder, by her handsome boss Cannon Carlson.

Laney is attracted to Cannon, but does not believe in mixing business with pleasure. When a series of  "accidents"  seem to follow Laney, Cannon becomes concern for her safety.

Cannon doesn't realize that Laney has Tomas, the warrior angel, watching over her. Sarah must not get in the warrior angel's way and work to bring Laney and Cannon together as a couple.

Who is trying to harm Laney? Will Sarah be able to accomplish her mission of bringing romance to Laney and Cannon?

This book surprised me at the end of who was trying to harm Laney.  Laney's Angel is the second in a series and can be read out of order.  The book offers some laugh out loud moments as well as being touching and surprising at times.

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