Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Beauty of Nature

                                                               The Beauty of Nature

                    Golden leaves with burnt orange tips are slowly peeping through the treetops
                    in the view of my window.  The beauty of fall is steadily creeping along
                    the trees as the chlorophyll green leaves decide to take an extended vacation 
                    for the next six months.  Orange, red, gold, brown the colors that decorated
                    most kitchens from the seventies make their annual appearance this time
                    of year.  While many may travel to areas where nature's beauty shines, 
                    many of us fail to stop and see the beauty of nature in our own backyard.
                    An odd shape rock, a long stick, a creek over flowing from the rain.  There
                    is always beauty around us, it is just taking the time to look and enjoy it.

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  1. How blessed you are to have that beautiful view outside your window.